Exclusive transfer with sightseeing

Soon you will be in Kiruna!

From the airplane window you see snow, mountaintops in the distance, the sparkling lights from the Kiruna mine and city – everything wrapped in a clear arctic sky. We wait for you on the ground with our SledArk, ready to take you and your luggage from the airport to your accommodation in Kiruna.

The SledArk is pulled by a snow mobile. Inside the sled it’s warm and cozy, you just have to step in without outerwear. During the transfer you sit on soft reindeer skins and are being served a nice basket with local tastes from the north. This together with a fresh berry beverage.

On the way we pass both the new and the old city center of Kiruna. During the loudspeaker system we give you a guided tour with information about the town. Since the SledArk has panoramic windows you get a good view in every direction. At the moment the city center is being moved because of the underground activity of the Kiruna mine. You can see the new town hall under construction, the church that soon will be moved and other buildings that are being prepared to be lifted away to a new spot. A lot of things is going on in town.

And you will after a 45 minutes tour, be at your accommodation, your luggage is already on your room.

Welcome to Kiruna!

Information about the trip:

Ca. 45 minutes
Price: 950 SEK/person
4000 SEK/ark
The price includes: transfer, guide, a guided journey in the Sky Ark through the sound system, a basket with a taste experience and ecological berry drink, warm blanket and handling of your luggage.
Numbers of participants: Minimum 2 people, maximum 6 people.
Departues: Daily, November–April.

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