We are working with models of glass constructions that take you close to nature, but protect you from snow, wind and chill. Inside this innovative buildings it’s like being indoors and outdoors at the same time.

An ark are actually something that has been used in Kiruna for a long time by the local inhabitants for fishing on the ice. The innovation is that the roof and walls are made of glass. The panoramic glass windows let the lights in and opens up to see the landscapes and the sky outside, thereby the name SkyArk.

There are a larger one, SkyNest for overnight stays and smaller ones, SkyArk and SledArk that can be pulled behind snow mobiles. All models have beautiful design, some of them are painted by a local Sami artist, Leila Nutti. The shape of the SkyArks should due to the Finnish architect Ilmari Mäenpää, remind you of the little animal lemming, sitting on the mountain side.

“The idea of the design was born as a result of an event in a dream, a hovering experience. I composed the Helium Orchestra work to a symphony orchestra. The work’s theme is hovering and timeless well-being. With the translucent design, the concept offers a whole new space for experiences tells the composer of classical music and the designer Ilmari Mäenpää.

All models of SkyArks are equipped with guide systems for storytelling and to play music. In every SkyArk you get a wonderful airy sense of space, it’s really something to try!

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